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1.2v 12v 18650 Li-ion Lithium Battery Capacity Tester

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Power supply voltage: DC4.5-6V (micro USB interface)
Working current: less than 70mA
The discharge voltage: 1.00V-15.00V resolution 0.01V
Termination voltage range: 0.5-11.0V
Supported by current: the maximum 3.000A resolution 0.001A
The maximum measurement error voltage: 1%+0.03V
The maximum measurement error of current: 2%+-0.010A

The maximum battery capacity range:
9999Ah (1Ah=1000mAh) value of the larger through the decimal point shift switch,
when lower than 10Ah shows X.XXX, above 10Ah show for XX.XX, and so on.

Board size: 50mmX37mm

this circuit in order to improve the voltage measurement accuracy,
specially designed DC bias,
when the terminal is what all don’t pick will display a small voltage,
does not affect the actual measurement,
if you are short connected with the input terminal (absolute 0V)
will display 0. To understand the principle can consult the superposition theorem in electrical engineering.

Method of use:
1> measured battery should first fully charged.
2> connected with the tested battery anode to cathode to input input positive,
negative, is not reversed (with load reverse may damage the circuit)!
Connects the load to the output positive electrode and the output negative electrode,
through operating power to the tester micro USB
(not available on desktop or laptop USB power supply),
the display of battery voltage.
3> direct start test only need to press the “OK” button,
the tester can automatically set according to the battery full charge voltage suitable termination voltage flicker,
and will display 3 times after the start test.
Need to set up the termination voltage need only when
the battery voltage display state press “+” or “-” key modification,
termination voltage display for P at the beginning, behind represents voltage value,
resolution 0.1V, set up after the press “OK” to start the test.

4> testing began after the tester will electronic switch connected to the control of the load
, the testing process data are displayed in the release capacity (Ah),
the current discharge current (A) and a battery voltage (V) between the round.
When the battery voltage reaches the set after the termination voltage tester,
cut off the load control switch, display the data stays in the capacity (Ah)
and the corresponding indicating lamp above and with rapid blinking,
the actual discharge capacity of the battery capacity is displayed,
press the “OK” can be terminated flashing make stable data display,
again by pressing the “OK” the button back to just power on state can replace the battery test the next day……

The error code and meaning:
Err1: the battery voltage higher than 15V
Err2: the battery voltage is lower than the setting voltage termination
Err3: the battery is unable to withstand the load discharge current resistance is too large or line
Err4: the current is too large (current is more than 3.1A)

Two calibration operation (operation after self calibration, represents give warranty):
At the same time, press three keys to the tester is energized,
enter the calibration mode, the first display calibration record number of times
after entering the formal calibration sampling procedures to display the 0u0A,
then the short connection input positive and negative pole after press the “OK” button to complete the display,
J10u, between the input positive and negative applied 10.00V standard DC voltage after the
“OK” button is pressed after the show, J2.0A, to the output negative electrode (inflow direction)
and the input cathode (outflow direction) under 2.0A constant DC
current to press the “OK” button to complete the calibration.
Tester will pre audit of the calibration data, if the calibration data is reliable,
it will in turn show 4 calibration number after the exit,
if the pre audit that data is not reliable,
discarding data exit.

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