5V 3A DC-DC Step Up Lithium Battery Boost Charger Board

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The use of synchronous rectifier IC XR2981, saving the Schottky’s pressure drop, making the higher efficiency;
Using a large package of three 47uF ceramic capacitors, compared to tantalum capacitors or electrolytic capacitors longer life, lower ripple;
For a single lithium boost to 5V power supply to the equipment, such as mobile power, synchronous rectification efficiency, the highest 95% efficiency, the same output current than the diode rectifier heat much lower.
Onboard LED load light, no load weak flash, the greater the load the higher the brightness.
With EN enable side, remove the R2 resistor on the module, EN is enabled pin, logic is active high (open boost), low shutdown (low power standby, current less than 1uA). High level can not exceed 5V, low level can not be less than -0.2V.
Input voltage: DC2.5-5V (Warm Tip: Because the chip itself is designed, the measured often have 2.1V can work, so if with lithium batteries, have to add lithium battery protection board.)
Output voltage: 5.1V ± 0.2V
Output electric current: 3A (to strengthen the heat input 4.2V when the maximum measured 3A, but the long-term work recommended 2.5A below, wiring with thick lines, it is recommended not less than 1.5 square feet)
Conversion rate: typical 95% (related to input voltage)
Size: 14 * 22.5 * 4.2mm (L * W * H)
Output ripple: about 80MV

Warm Tip: power input positive and negative can not be reversed, then the wrong direct scrap, the main chip afraid of static electricity, welding as much as possible to the soldering iron reliable ground, the other because the module is small, but the current is large, so the wiring must use thick lines!

Package Included:
1 x 5V 3A DC-DC Boost Power Module

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