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5V Bluetooth Audio Module Bluetooth Mono Receiver

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1. Description:

The module can choose mono and stereo output, and the Bluetooth antenna is built. The

power supply voltage is 5V. It can be used as common power amplifier and active speaker to

increase Bluetooth connection function.

7PIN output interface for spacing 2.54 through hole, 7PIN output interface for: + power,

ground, left, right, mute, LED status indication, reserved port. Among them, the LED status

port is connected with a 100 ohm resistor in series. The LED indicates that the Bluetooth is

not connected and the flash is fast. After Bluetooth connection is successful, it is slow

flashing. The volume is: 30mm, X, 20mm, X, 3mm.

2. Operating voltage range:

4.1V~5V (not more than 5.1V, when using charger power supply, car charging power supply

or DC-DC power supply, pay attention to the power supply voltage and ripple voltage, can

string a diode)



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