75 kinds of gear pack toy model gear belt pulley plastic gear

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Spindle straight tooth 9 types       crown gear 11 types

Single-layer gear 12 types      Double-layer gear 19 types

Connecting racks, two      pulleys, 7 types

Worm Two kinds of      bushings 6     tee bushings 1 bevel tooth 1    belt 5 kinds

75 Gear Pack Data Sheets

A total of 75. All have hyperlinks, click to see the size of the corresponding model!

Spindle straight tooth 9 types      

80.8A    81A   81.5A  82A  102A   122A 132A 142A  182A

Crown gear 11 types

C152A  C203A  C282A  C282.5A  C303A  C322A  C20082A  C28082B C28102.5B  C30102B  C40102B

Single-layer gear 12 types      

202A  242A  282A  302A  303A  302.5A  322A  362A  402A 422A  482A  562A

Double-layer gear 19 types

16102B  18102A    20082B   20102B   22082A   22102B  24102B  24122B  26082B  28102B

30162A 30122B   32082B  34102B  38082B  40102B   46082A  48102B  50102A

Pulley 7 types      

122B  102B   62A   132A    16.82A 242AB 


Worm 2 types    W6 * 62A   W6 * 82A three-way bushing 1 type  3T-2A-2B  loose tooth one   S162A         

Motor shaft sleeve: 2A (2PCS)   2.5A (2PCS)  3A (2PCS)

Rubber band: rhubarb one  small yellow one  colored one  black one  white one

Rack: 2PCS

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