908 60W Electronic Soldering Iron with Temperature Control

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  • Exquisite and patented external design, which uses completely new environmentally-friendly and high-transparency materials. An integrated design with a transparent front side and matted back side creates a minimalistic look. At the same time a high-temperature insulation ring at the middle of the handle effectively prevents heat from transferring to the handle, ensuring easy and comfortable use
  • Circuit material uses a double-sided, adhesive chip design, greatly improving the overall stability of the electric soldering iron
  • Use of the latest temperature-control circuits allows for high-energy efficiency and rapid heating, ensuring quick recovery of operating temperature.
  • Uses a thermostatic design, temperature range: 200°C-450°C. Users can easily adjust settings according to their needs
  • Uses a long-life lead-free tip, suitable for a variety of lead-free soldering applications.
  • Anti-static design, including a ground wire with alligator clip, meets anti-static requirements of different devices
  • Uses common component design, enabling easy replacement of components


  • Model: 908
  • Power voltage: AC 110V / 220V
  • Power: ≤60W
  • Temperature range: 200°C~450°C
  • Working temperature: 0°C~40°C
  • Storage temperature: -20°C~80°C
  • Storage environment humidity: 35%~45%
  • Tip-to-Ground impedance: <2Ω
  • Tip-to-Ground voltage: <2mV
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