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Step Up Down DC Power Supply AT30 Converter Buck Boost Module

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Product parameters:
Input voltage: 4-30V
Output voltage: 0.5-30V
Output current: 3A, 4A with cooling fan
Output power: 30W without cooling fan,60W with cooling fan
Output ripple: 30MV (Full output voltage)
Conversion efficiency: Boost, 88%-91%; Buck,87%-90%.
Short circuit protection: Yes
Working frequency: 180KHz
Size: 48*23*21mm
1. it cao buck and boost.
no matter how large is the input voltage, the output voltage can be fixed on 12V.
when input voltage is 12V, the output voltage can be bucked to 5V, or boosted to 24V.
2. it is more efficient, more power than the XL6009-type module.
3. the ultra-low output voltage ripple
the output voltage ripple is only 20 mV when the input voltage is 12V, current is 3A, especially for the audio / power amplifier board, analog circuit power supply!
4.with a mobile phone charger or battery-powered, you can achieve 0.5 to 30 volts adjustable DC power supply, very convenient!
Package Include:
1 x Auto Step Up Down Power Supply AT30 Converter Buck Boost Module Replace XL6009
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