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DC 3.7-7.4V To 1000KV Boost Step Up Power Module High Voltage

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The high-voltage module uses the principle Tesla coil is made of high-voltage pulse output voltage current, small size, high efficiency, simple external circuit(just plug in the switch, the battery can be) discharge intensity violent.


Input voltage: DC 3.7-7.4V / 4A
Output voltage: DC 800-1000KV/0.5A (Please note that when security)
High type: pulse current
High voltage bipolar discharge distance: 10mm – 20mm
Output voltage lines length: about 16mm
Input power cable length: about 10mm (red is positive)
Dimensions : Φ24 x 63mm
High-voltage bipolar discharge distance: 1.5 cm -2 cm (Do not exceed)


Small-capacity lithium two series in 7.2V, the arc voltage has been measured in the state has dropped to 4V or so, the lower the capacity of the lower voltage pull. It is recommended to use more than 2000MA of lithium, the best conditions with more than 4000MA battery.
You can use 3.7V lithium battery input (such as 18650 battery) nickel-cadmium / nickel-metal hydride batteries, 4V or 6V lead-acid batteries.
The input voltage current affects the output high voltage and arc distance.

Product use method:

The module divides the input and the output, the red and green line is the input terminal, the red line is positive and green line is negative, the output terminal is two same colors high-pressured lines, the input terminal connect battery can produce the high-pressured arc.


Avoid high-pressure high-voltage module load electricity use. Must adjust the high voltage side suitable distance (before electricity, battery voltage and capacity is proportional to the distance from high-voltage arcing used when testing the arc distance from short to long experiment, prohibited from beyond the arc when powered up, the energy can not be released due to high pressure, easily damage the module)

Due to power, the internal heat is not easy, every power-on time should be controlled within a minute.

Determine whether the battery capacity can be driven approach is the maximum power output of the battery when the voltage measurement arcing. If so you can 6V maximum power output.

Two sections of small capacity lithium series of 7.2V, measured arc voltage has dropped to about 4V state, the capacity of the smaller voltage pulled lower. It is recommended to use more than one lithium battery 2000mA , 4000mA best conditions with more battery.


Commonly used in 105 high-voltage generator, high voltage ignition, teaching experiments

Package included:

1 x High voltage generator