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DC-DC Boost Converter 6-35V to 6-55V 10A 200W

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This module is a high-efficiency step-up/down regulator automatically modules .
Input voltage is higher than the output voltage can also be lower than the output voltage and the output voltage is maintained constant.
For example, set the output to 12V, then the input voltage changes between 6-35V, the output voltage at 12V unchanged.
The efficiency in step up mode is 90%(INPUT 12V OUTPUT 19V/2A ),and the efficiency in setp down mode is 88%.
The module has perfect protection function can be widely used in notebook power supply, car power, industrial power, model power, embedded systems, and so on.

Wide input voltage range : 6-35V
Output voltage: can be adjusted between 1-35V
Maximum Output Current: 5A(long hours , please leave a certain margin ).
Maximum Input Current: 7A,(Working long hours , please leave a certain margin ).
Built in current limit function(0.1A-5A)
Operating Frequency: 120KHz
Size: 70 x 39 x 31mm(length x width x height)
Net Weight: 68g

Package includes:
1 x DC/DC Converter Buck/Boost Charger Power Converter Module