Digital USB Mobile Power charging current voltage Tester Meter

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Product Description:

   The voltage and current tester uses a new generation of four and a half double integral loop conversion IC, with a precision bandgap reference source, range accuracy, high precision, stable, reliable performance, anti-interference ability, high temperature. USB interface, mobile phone charger, U disk and other products, power supply or power consumption. Cost-effective. This product can measure the USB power supply equipment empty, the load voltage, USB terminal equipment work voltage and current. Current and voltage cycle display, easy to use and practical. Compact and easy to carry, no need to connect another power supply. Voltage and current turns display, cycle time is 5S

Application :

1. Can be easily measured out of the USB port output voltage and equipment operating current; small size, no power and other ancillary equipment, plug and play
2. Can detect USB charger output voltage and current standards; for factories, laboratories and users.
3. Detection of cell phone charger voltage can not be standard DC5V

Product parameters:

Product Name: USB voltage and current detectors (mobile power tester)
Product size: 53.0mm * 22.0mm * 14.80mm (length x width x height) (curved needle)
 66.3mm * 23.8mm * 14.2.0mm (length x width x height) (straight needle)
Color: blue / transparent (curved needle) blue / transparent (straight needle)
Product Weight: 16.53g (without packaging) (curved needle)
                        17.18g (without packing) (straight needle)
Packing: single product static bag packing material: FR4 + electronic components
Product performance:
1. Voltage range: DC 3.3V to 7.5V
2. Voltage range: DC 0 to 2.5V
3. Error: Voltage <± 1% Current <± 2%
4. Full-scale pressure drop: 200mV (when measuring current)
5. Resolution: voltage 10mV current 10mA
6. Operating temperature: 0-60°C