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Dynamo Generator DN-8112 800W DC 220V 240V Class 180 Generator Motor

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Motor Diameter: 42 MM

Motor length: 81.3 MM

Output shaft: 5.1 MM (is the flower axis)

Output length: 16.5 MM. (From panel)

Screw hole: M 3.5

Screw hole pitch: 29.5 MM


Weight: 457 g

Voltage: DC 220 V

Speed: 14000 RPM

The torque of the motor is very good, when the 30V when only about 1300 rpm, hand can not be completely blocked.

Through the rectifier bridge, you can directly connected to the electricity, and rectifier bridge in the middle

Two terminals connected AC 220V, the right side of the output positive, left to lose

Out of the negative, can be connected to the motor on the two pins, regardless of positive and negative, then reverse


The direction of rotation is the opposite.


This is the new motor, or the original, but the stock motor, by the

In a long time, some of the appearance of the motor will inevitably not perfect, please look to the appearance


Ask a strict friend please carefully shot.

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