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Liquid Level Controller Sensor Module Flow Sensor Water

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– 100% Brand New and High Quality
– This product is based on the actual needs of the family factories and pumping and the detection of the pool (water tower) to control the water level to achieve control.
– With a small, simple wiring, low power consumption, high switching capacity, interference is strong, functional stability characteristics.
– Automatically open when you can stably pool (water tower) water pump (solenoid) pumping,automatically stops the pump (solenoid) when full of water.
– Local flooding can also be used for automatic rain drainage, such as garages, basements, etc
Board Size: 7cm x 4cm(L*W)
Material: Electronic Components
The product does not need to buy another probe, using household wiring can replace probe
– The probe is a wire mesh shell with a plastic buckle up the thread, with household wires can be directly induced, strip off the head of wire about 2cm, making it bare to direct induction
Another: The product does not include line (probe)
– Lighting, display and other factors may cause COLOR SHADING, please comprehensive pictures and text descriptions to determine!
Package Includes:
  1  x  Liquid Level Controller Sensor