MH-MX8 Wireless Bluetooth MP3 Audio Amplifier board M38

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5V: Power positive 5V
GND: negative power supply
VBAT: Lithium battery positive 3.7-4.2V
L+/L-: Left channel output (direct speaker)
R+/R-: Right channel output (direct speaker)

Power supply: It can be directly powered by the MICRO USB Android cable 5V, or it can be connected to a 5V power supply or a 3.7V lithium battery. Note that the 5V and 3.7V power supply interfaces are different. 5V is connected to 5V and GND, and the 3.7V lithium battery is connected to VBAT and GND.
The maximum operating current is 5V2A. It is recommended to use a regulated power supply of 5V2A for better sound quality.
Support USB sound card, free drive (plug and play). Connect the module to the computer with the USB cable, and the computer can play music through the module amplifier output.
Audio output: output left and right stereo audio signals, which can be connected to two 2-8 ohm, 3-5W speakers, and 4 Euro 5W speakers.
This product has its own dual 5W power amplifier circuit, and must not be connected to another amplifier! The outputs of the two amplifiers cannot be connected in parallel or the negative poles are connected together, otherwise the power amplifier chip is damaged.

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