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5V Digital LED Trigger Automation Delay Cycle Timer

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  1. Wide voltage power supply (6 ~ 30V), supports microUSB 5.0V power supply, easy to use;
  2. The interface is clear and simple, powerful, easy to understand, meet almost all your needs;
  3. The emergency stop function (“STOP” key);With reverse polarity protection, reverse polarity will not burn the product.
  4. Increase the sleep mode, if this mode is enabled, without any operation within 5 minutes, then automatically turn off the monitor, any key wake-up;
  5. You can set a different OP, CL, LOP parameters, which are independent of each other, and are automatically saved;
  6. After the module is powered down, all parameter settings are not lost.

Product parameters:

1: Operating voltage: 6–30V, support microUSB 5.0V power supply

2: Trigger Source: Active-high (3.0V-24V), have optocoupler isolation, can improve the system’s anti-jamming capability (customers can also shorting common ground).

3: Output capability: You can control the DC 30VDC 5A or  220VAC 5A device.

4: Quiescent Current: 20mA; Operating Current: 50mA

5: life: more than 10 million times; Working temperature: -40-85 ; Size:

6: with optocoupler isolation, enhanced anti-jamming capability, industrial grade board.

Special Note: The relay outputs are passive contact, just a switch.

Package Included :

1 x  Micro USB 5V LED Automation Delay Timer Control Switch Relay Module Display

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