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MT2205 KV2300 Brushless Motor CW/CCW 478W (4S)

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2205 multi-axis motor is powered 0.2MM Kawasaki silicon steel, bearings, oxygen-free copper wire Seiko production, with large torque, low loss, heat a small, high efficiency Required artifacts, multi-axis through the machine.

Product details:

 Maximum power: 478W (4S)
Each motor factory have to undergo a rigorous balancing test!
Our advantage:
    1. using imported long-life NMB bearings;
    2. Japan Kawasaki low iron loss silicon steel core;
    3. using temperature of 180 degrees N45SH magnet;
    4. the use of oxygen-free copper wire winding temperature of 180 degrees;
    5. CNC machining, high-quality housing;
    6. high-temperature resistance of 200 degrees silicone wire leads;
    7. a unique assembly process, rotor balancing excellent;
    8. It is so small,it just 30 g.