PL2303HX USB to UART TTL Module RS232 Converter

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Line sequence defined red +5 V, black GND, green RXD, white TXD

Special note:

(A) the connection just to sell a small plate, a tool. We use are not familiar with, they can not provide operational guidance. Many models on the market, and the abilities of each person and far, so we can not be maintained that you can succeed. Not because he did not succeed and give us neutral or negative feedback, then we blame than Dou!

(B) We sent out a tested, to remind buyers do not get directly after the operation, in order to avoid not think there is a problem. First do a simple test is simple: if you put the line plugged into the computer, the computer prompts “Found New Hardware ….” connected (GND) with a multimeter black pen, red pen to pick up (RX) and (TX) voltage can be measured, then the small plates must be good. Special instructions here (GND) to the voltage pins, power must be burned, so user wiring must be accurately measured the pins of the device, so as to avoid unnecessary losses!

Some buyers are not careful burned chip or not operate or machine itself does not support the upgrade, say, our board Please buyers Bypass, thank you. Such a situation does not give return or refund the behavior of not receiving the assessment and Poor.

Note: 3.3V and 5.0V output is set (this is the power supply to the microcontroller, upgrade machines do not need the small plate) unplugged from the computer, set the jumpers to take, do not live to avoid damage to the equipment.

Pin connection and description

The wrong connection be sure to find the pin definitions, especially GND must not be connected to the voltage on the pin, and the RX and TX terminal is not connected to the VCC pin (actual measurement of some VCC pin voltage up to 14V.) shall be burnt adapter cable chip, certain note, do not take their own small plate to experiment, or burn We are not responsible. Must find the pin definitions in the next.

Connection method: repeat Brush only need three lines, generally used in the RX TX GND three signal lines, the VCC without access. The above 4,5 needle friend, not connected to VCC and BT needle. Use RXD connected with the target board TX phase, TXD and target board RX, GND connected to GND if not, swap RX and TX.

All modules have been double test factory!