SRX882 Transmitter & Receiver Module

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Descriptions: SRX882 Transmitter & Receiver Module

STX882 ASK Wireless Remote Control Transmitter Module

STX882 is a ASK transmitter module with small size, ultra high power and low harmonics. Runs with high stability at 50mW power when the supply voltage is at 3.6V, highest input voltage-to-transmission power on the market. The data port of the module can be connected to the microcontroller directly, which makes wireless product development and production very convenient. 100+ meters isotropic coverage.


  • Frequency Range: 433/315 MHZ
  • Superheterodyne modulation
  • Standby mode current < 1uA
  • Comply with ROHS, FCC, ETSI,CE
  • High sensitivity
  • Long distance working with STX882
  • Small size
  • High stability in varies environment


  • Wireless door bell
  • Wireless security alarm
  • Wireless industrial control
  • Wireless data transmission
  • Home automation

Pin Definition:1: ANT, Antenna Input
2: DATA, Data Input
3: VCC, Connect Power Positive
4: GND, Connect Power Ground

Mechanical Dimensions:

SRX882 ASK ASK Wireless Remote Control Superheterodyne Receiver Module

SRX882 is a superheterodyne receiver with micro power and strong driving force, is supplementary STX882 / STX888 module. Data port of the module can be connected to the microcontroller directly, make wireless product development and production more convenient.


Pin Definition:

1: ANT, Connect 50 Ohm Antenna
2: GND, Connect Power Ground
3: VCC, Connect Power Positive
4: CS, Modules Enable Pin, Floating or Connected to High Level Work, Sleep When Connect Ground
5: DATA, Data Input
6: GND, Connect Power Ground
7: ANT, Connect 50 Ohm Antenn

Package Included:

1 x 433MHz Superheterodyne Receiver Module

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