TP5000 4.2V/3.6V 1A Lithium Battery Charger

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UsageTP4056 4057 charge board usage the same.

1, lithium battery only need to connect a 5V power supply, output B + B-connected battery can be. Charging red light, full of self-stop, charging green light finished.
2, for the lithium iron phosphate battery 3.6V, just soldering iron soldering between the two solder pad can be. Power supply battery connection method as described above. If you want to change back to charge 4.2V lithium battery, solder pad can be connected with solder back.


1. PCB size:21.5*14.5*4.2mm
2. Input voltage: DC 4.5-9V(Recommended not to exceed 7V)
3. Output voltage: DC 4.2V/3.6V(default 4.2V)
4. Output current: 1A(Default max)
5. LED Indicator: Charging-Red/Green Flashing,Charged-Green
6. Features:Charging for Lithium battery(4.2V) and Lithium iron phosphate battery(3.6V)
7. Switch mode:
1>. F Welding point ON for Lithium battery and output 4.2V
2>. F Welding point OFF for Lithium iron phosphate battery and output 3.6V
8. Adjust output current(need to modify two resistance value on mark “SANYA”):
1>. Default weld 1pcs R100(0.1ohm) resistor and output 1A(max)
2>. Welding 1pcs 0.2ohm resistor next to R100 and output 1.5A(max)
3>. Welding 1pcs 0.1ohm resistor next to R100 and output 2A(max)
4>. Removed R100 and welding 1pcs 0.2ohm resistor on its place and output 0.5A
5>. It requires additional heat sink if output current more than 1A.




With the circuit with a red, green or red and green light-emitting diodes, you need to weld to the circuit, as shown in the baby map, the longest foot in the middle of the long legs close to the chip, the shortest foot near the outside
Power termination 4.5-7V power supply, the current is greater than the charging current, this time the green light
Battery termination lithium battery or lithium iron phosphate battery, if the battery needs to charge, will turn red light
If you need to adjust the current, change the current you need in the current sense resistor. Sampling voltage 0.1V, current = 0.1 / resistance value
The circuit has been welded a 0.1 ohm resistor, there is a vacancy
The space is soldered to a 0.2 ohm resistor with a current setting of 1.5A
A 0.1 ohm resistor is soldered and the current is set to 2A
Remove the original R100 (0.1 ohms), solder a 0.2 ohm resistor, the current set to 0.5A
Charging current greater than 1A recommended installation of heat sink
If you need to charge an ordinary lithium battery (3.6 or 3.7V. Cut-off voltage of 4.2V) on the circuit board standard F point on the solder
If you need to charge lithium iron phosphate battery (3.2V. Cut-off voltage 3.6V) please remove the standard F solder on the solder
         Full version of the use of precious metal ceramic capacitors, X7R temperature characteristics, performance + safety + stability far more than tantalum capacitors!
          Copper strip 5A large current small volume inductance, fully closed magnetic low loss low interference!
Single-sided machine mounted, the overall 4 mm ultra-thin, small area of ​​good heat dissipation, the back of copper easy to install and paste the heat sink
         Based on DC-DC buck, the efficiency is much higher than the linear charging circuit, heat is also much smaller. Charge current 1A, but the input current is only about 0.7A is enough
Optional lithium iron phosphate battery or ordinary lithium-ion / lithium polymer battery, only a jumper can be set
Small size, 1 coin size, 1A charge without additional heat
With overheating protection, overheating will automatically reduce the current to prevent burnout
Full size high-precision resistors, full size 1210 Precious metal multilayer ceramic capacitors X7R The most stable temperature characteristics
Full of self-stop, two-color charging status indicator
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