DP3A Digital display USB adjustable power module DC 1-30V 15W QC 2.0 3.0

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Large and small power fan speed controller, USB adjustable desktop small power supply, USB adjustable charging line, router anti-blackout standby power supply, Tmall Wizard mobile power base (with charging treasure), USB adjustable boost line. Combined with the charging treasure, it becomes a mobile adjustable power supply, which is very practical.


Fast charge deception use

Powered by a 5V charging adapter, the input current is 4A or more to reach 15W (considering the voltage drop on the USB line and the module conversion efficiency, etc.), the ordinary 5V adapter is difficult to do, so the module adds a fast charge deception function to make the adapter output high voltage or High current. Note that you can choose to have a charger or charging treasure that supports the fast charge protocol. ! !

1. Press and hold the TRIG button for more than 2 seconds to release, enter the fast charge protocol selection interface, and the LCD will display the protocol name.

2. Short press the TRIG button to select QC2.0, QC3.0, AFC, FCP, SCP, AUTO, and OFF. Short press ON/OFF or SELECT button to trigger the protocol. If the trigger is successful, it will display OK, FC blue light will be on, otherwise Err will be displayed, FC blue light will be off.

3. Press and hold the TRIG button for more than 2 seconds to exit the fast charge protocol interface. This protocol is triggered each time you turn it on.

4. If you don’t know which protocol the charger supports, you can choose AUTO mode, the module automatically chooses to spoof; if you don’t want to use the spoof function, you can choose OFF mode.


1. Highlights

• 1. LCD display input voltage, output voltage, current, power, capacity statistics, voltage resolution 0.01V, current resolution 0.001A

• 2. With USB female output, easy to connect USB interface devices such as USB fan

• 3. Free screw quick terminal, push-type cable pull, no need to screw, convenient and fast.

• 4. When the current limit value (constant current) is set, there is no need to short the connection, no need to use a multimeter, and the limit current value can be directly displayed.

• 5. With intelligent fast charge deception, solve the problem of insufficient power supply to the USB input port. Support mainstream fast charge protocol, QC2.0 3.0, FCP SCP AFC, you can also choose not to deceive or automatically choose the deception mode.

• 6. High power 15W, 2A current, can be used for fan speed regulation, desktop power supply, adjustable charger, router power supply, etc.

• 7. Adjust the output voltage arbitrarily, limit the current 0-2A (wide input 4-13V, wide output 1-30V any adjustment, with short circuit protection, short circuit does not burn)

• 8. As a USB charging cable, adjust the charging voltage and maximum charging current arbitrarily (any voltage, with constant current, anti-backflow, to meet the charging of most batteries)

• 9. Multiple protection (short circuit, over current, over temperature, over power, over voltage protection, charging anti-backflow protection)


2. Product parameters


2.1. Input voltage: 4-13V (USB male, MicroUSB, TYEPE-C 3 input interfaces)


2.2. Output voltage: 1-30V (fast terminal output, USB female output, note that the two are directly connected, carefully check the output voltage before plugging in the USB device!)


2.3. Output current: 0-2A (The output current in constant voltage mode is adaptive according to the load size, it is not adjustable. If you set the limit current to 1A, then the load current is greater than 1A, it will automatically enter the constant current mode. Maximum output 1A)


2.4. Output power: less than 15W (when the output power is greater than 15W, the output is automatically turned off, the OPP is displayed, and the load power is reduced, press the ON/OFF button to solve). When the input current is too large, it may not be long-term due to temperature protection. Work at 10W or more.


2.5. Voltage display: The resolution is 0.01V, the factory accuracy is about ±0.1V, and there is no reserved customer to calibrate itself.


2.6. Current display: resolution 0.001A, range 0-2.2A, factory accuracy ±0.05A, no reservation customer self-calibration.


2.7. Power display: 0.00W-15.00W


2.8. Temperature protection: When the power component temperature is higher than 100 °C, enter the OTP protection, reduce the load power, press the ON/OFF button to solve (the power will not enter the OT protection for long-term operation within 10W, when the input current is greater than 3A) It may enter over temperature protection when working for a long time. Even if it does not reach 15W, it is recommended to use the adapter with fast charge function.


2.9. Working current: about 30mA


2.10. Charging anti-backflow: Yes, it can be directly connected to the battery for charging, no need to add a diode


2.11. Short circuit protection: Yes


2.12. Weight: 67g (product net weight 44g, box 23g)




3. Function description

3.1. Button

“SELECT” button: Short press – switch between input voltage and output voltage display; in fast charge protocol selection mode, trigger fast charge. Long press – switch between output current, output power, and capacity statistics display;

“ON/OFF” button: Short press – control the output to be turned on or off; in the fast charge protocol selection mode, trigger fast charge; exit the protection interface. Long press – set the default output of power-on to off or on state, long press for more than 3s to release, display ON means that each power-on default output, the display OFF means no output every time power-on.

TRIG button: long press – enter or exit the fast charge protocol selection interface; short press to select the fast charge protocol.

3.2. Potentiometer knob

The current adjustment potentiometer CC rotates clockwise to increase the limit current value. When the load current reaches the limit current, it enters the constant current state (note that in the constant voltage mode, the output current depends only on the load and is changed according to the load. When the output current reaches the limit current, the red light is the constant current mode);

The voltage adjustment potentiometer CV rotates clockwise to increase the output voltage.

3.3. Indicator lights

CC–Constant current indicator light, bright when constant current (red);

ON – output status indicator (green);

FC – fast charge decoy indicator light (blue light), fast charge agreement after the successful deception.

3.4. Input and output ports

The input side – the left side, the USB male head, the microUSB, the type-c are selected as inputs;

Output – right side, USB female and quick wiring terminal output, note that the two are directly connected, the voltage is always the same.

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